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       This  Northern Spotted Owl arrived
in Reno, Nevada most likely on  the
winds of  a  winter storm.   The bird
was discovered sitting on  a window
sill at  a school.   Kids at  the school
were throwing snowballs with rocks
in  them at  the owl.  Fortunately, no
damage  was  done.   The bird  was
thin but with  care, it  recovered and
was released.

This  adult   Black-crowned
Night  Heron  had  gotten  a
toe  caught   in   a   muskrat
trap. The fractured  toe was
splinted using a human finger
splint.  It  healed  nicely and
the heron was released.


Photograph by Emerson Wells
These are photos of a  Long-eared
Owl.  As a nestling downy, the owl
was found in  a  dumpster.  How it
got there is a mystery. The thin, dry
bird recovered, learned to hunt and
was released.