And  Still More...

The photos at  left and above,
show  close-up  views  of  the
Kirschner Apparatus. Almost
immediately,  the  bird  began
to  use  his  operated  leg  for
weight bearing. This indicated
that the leg was comfortable.


Photograph by Emerson Wells

In this photograph, taken a few days
before  the eagle  was  released,  he
looked  elegant and  he appeared to
feel fine.
This adult,  male Bald Eagle was struck  by  a vehicle
while  down on  a  road  in February. He sustained a
closed,  complete,  displaced  fracture  of   the   right
tibiotarsus that  had  begun  to  heal  in  a malposition.
As he could  still  fly, no  one was  able  to approach
him until 11 days later. By then, he was malnourished,
dehydrated  and  so  weak  that  he  couldn't hold his
head up.   For the first three days,  we hydrated,  fed
and  started  him on  a course of antibiotics so that he
could   safely  undergo  anesthesia  and surgery.  Our
veterinarian  did  an  open  reduction  of  the  fracture.
He stablized it  with  a  Kirschner Apparatus and  the
injury healed without incident.  In June, the eagle was
released  in  the  area from whence he  had  come  in


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